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Scripts for court/resolving disputes with tax agents

Posted on April 1st, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Script of questions for court as discussed in book and on radio.  There are 3 different scripts 1. criminal; 2. civil; and 3. tax.  Each are sold separately and are $25 each.

The criminal script does have some civil parts as it was written for a consolidated traffic proceeding.  The tax script is geared towards cross-examination or questioning agents to show there is no valid assessment, it is very effective, but it does not have anything about court procedure in it.

Each script is overkill and it’s not intended for every question to be asked.  What’s really important is to understand the process of asking questions to get a particular response.  This is why role-playing is so important, the scripts teach a process so regardless of the underlying issue, if someone is making false accusations, you’ll know what to bring that out.  I suggest participating in the NSP skype chat, contact me at frankrizzo3 first.

A very effective example from the scripts is when cross-examining a police officer in a traffic trial:

Officer, did you file a valid cause of action against me?  (He’ll always answer yes)

Officer, how many elements are in a valid cause of action?

This is what causes the prosecutor to declare his own witness incompetent.  It’s hard not to laugh when this happens in court, and it happens every time.

Provide an email address and which script you want.  You can email me what you’ve ordered to expedite the process.

Click here to send payment and be sure to read over our return policy & contact information.


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  1. Gary Says:

    Why do I have to open an AlertPay account to purchase a script? I want to use a credit card. The site takes my credit card information. Then tells me AlertPay account has insufficent funds. WTF!

    I found this site to be a complete pain.

    The donate button uses PayPal.
    So I find a sign up to AlertPay in my mailbox.

    You folks are out of your mind!!

  2. chris Says:

    Your site will not take a credit card for payment and I do not have Amex, card, please advise…

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    Use the paypal button on the bottom of the page, I’m still working out some bugs

  4. chris Says:

    Marc what is your email address?

  5. Taesu Chon Says:

    I would love to purchase all 3 scripts and the book adventure to legal land from you. How much is the total?

  6. tim Says:

    I am trying to buy the civil script, but the site is having problems with the visa and is asking for american express which I dont have, so I signed up with alert pay, put my visa in there and it to is having technical difficulties with visa. and the depositing money into alert pay is not an option because it takes to long. wish you had pay pal or something on here.

    btw the book was awesome.

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    Paypal button is on the bottom right of the website

  8. tim Says:

    does the script have to be mailed or is it emailed.

  9. Marc Stevens Says:


  10. nathan cox Says:

    Just tried emailing you but it came back as failed. What’s your email?
    So if I drop $25 in your paypal for the Criminal Script what I get it emailed to me?

  11. Frank Mumma Says:

    Marc, I sent you a donation for the criminal script via paypal. I received an automatic message today that said…

    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
    Delivery to the following recipients is still underway after 6.4 hour(s):


    Will keep trying and contact you if the message can’t be delivered permanently.”

    I’m not sure what this means?? Did you try to send me the file or not? If you are having a problem please let me know so we can figure out a way for me to get the criminal script. You can call me 717-434-5153 or email me: Thanks!

    Frank Mumma

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    I emailed it over already

  13. Frank Mumma Says:

    I still have NOT received the file. I keep getting a automated message saying exactly what I posted in my last reply. I don’t understand why the file is nowhere to be found. I am getting frustrated dealing with this! I would like the script but at this rate, it is becoming more of a hassle than it is worth. I guess I’ll have to eat the $25.00 I sent! This really SUCKS! Sorry if I seem angry, but frankly I am rather disappointed! I purchased your book and one of your seminars last year, and I had no problems!

    Frank Mumma

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    I emailed the script and some other files again. Email me and let me know if you have them this time.

  15. Frank Mumma Says:

    Marc, thank you I got the file! I apologize for my last post sounding harsh, I was very confused and frustrated with the whole email thing. But you are truly a standup guy, and I am glad you are in this fight! We need ALLOT more people like you and those of us on this website!!

    Thank you for your labor!

    Frank Mumma

  16. Alex Says:

    Marc, I set up an account with AlertPay so I could have emailed some documents. As of yesterday evening it said that credit card processing was unavailable and still is today (Friday). How can I pay for your product?

  17. Marc Stevens Says:

    Email me about it, I’ll help with that.

  18. don dill Says:

    i want to buy some products with credit card… HOW!!!

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Don Sorry if alertpay is down again, it is intermittent. I won’t use paypal anymore, so you may have to mail it.

  20. Rick Says:

    Marc, same issues here. I would like to get the book, the motion to dismiss, and the scripts. Please let me know how.

  21. Marc Stevens Says:

    If alertpay is down again, you can mail cash, silver or blank money order to P.O. Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275.

  22. Cassidy Says:

    Alertpay is saying that the credit card processing is down.

  23. Marc Stevens Says:

    It’s been up and down for months, sorry for that. You may just have to mail it.

  24. gerry Says:

    i would like to set up a phone consultation, I see that it is 100/ an hour. i also see that it must be mailed. i am willing to do that. please help me asap. i have been fighting my case for 3 years and have had quite an experience, getting rid of my lawyer ( which i went to highschool with) and just so many things. I have many things going for me. I just need the proper guidance to help present it. my court date is 3/15/12. i will call show saturday. my only fearis that it is not in a court of records so they will do whatever they want.

  25. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ gerry Email me about this today.

  26. Cassidy Says:

    I have court on Wednesday and I was hoping to study them a bit before. Is there any way to make the process faster than snail mail?

  27. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ cassidy If you give me a tracking #, I’ll email them immediately.

  28. Cassidy Says:

    Marc, I sent it out today Certified Mail. The tracking # is 7010 3090 0002 9004 6184. I’m in California so I look forward to reading which ever script is for traffic infractions here. Thank you much.

  29. Mark Says:

    Mark, I tried to log in to the forum, and found that my account was deleted. Then I tried to create a new account and was refused because I am a known spammer. Uh, I dont think so. Anyhow I wanted to get an idea how to respond to photo enforcement letter. I have tje motion template but it doesnt make sense as to why I would send a motion when its not before a judge.

    DCan you fix this spam thing? My user name is LexScripta

  30. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mark I don’t think I can fix it because the account details were deleted. I think it will help when I activate accounts to make them all senior members. Sign up on another computer, maybe that will work.

    I have the motion to dismiss template that has been effective with those tickets.

  31. Mark Says:

    Ok Marc, you really need to set up private PMs. Anyway – I said I have the motion Template – Is that what you are referring to, or something different?

  32. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ there are PM’s on the forum and you can email me. Yes, the motion to dismiss template is what I was talking about.

  33. Plamen Argirov Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I am friend of Vince from London. I’d like to book a consultation with you and as far as I understand it I have to purchase 4 scripts, to cover the costs. However I don’t understand how will I be able to book the exact date and time for the consultation after the purchase of the scripts?

    Thank you


  34. Carol Says:

    Hi Marc-
    I understand your website to say that if I purchase 4 scripts, an hour consultation is included. Is this correct?
    I am only seeing 3 scripts for sale, to wit, criminal, civil and tax. What am I missing here? How can we set up a consultation? If I just send 100 FRN’s, will I be sent 4 scripts and expect an e-mail to initiate contact for the consult?
    Are the scripts mailed or e-mailed?
    I am afraid your website is a bit confounding.
    Thanks- Carol

  35. Caren C Hare Says:

    Where do I mail money order to? I can’t find an address where to send?
    I need to talk asap.

  36. Marc Stevens Says:

    P.O. Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275. Leave the pay to line blank and include an email address.

  37. Luke Says:

    Hey Marc.

    From Aust and trying to buy book scripts and whatever else you might have. Can’t seem to get your site to work properly. Can you give me an alternate contact address so i can put an order in

  38. Matt Says:

    Hey Marc i have a traffic hearing coming up. Im in NY. Should I buy the civil or criminal script. Also I have some questions about the motion templates. Can you email me or post your email address. Thanks

  39. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Matt, the email address is marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  40. todd Says:

    hi marc. do you have the scripts set out for new zealand law? thanks todd

  41. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Todd, not yet, I have Austrialia already, so it would not take long to put one together.

  42. John R Says:


    I need a consultation with you. How much in silver (pre 1964 US coins)?

    Problem is about daughter who is 16 with no license, no birth certificate, no SSN, limited vaccinations…

    What may happen if she tried to use a car?

    I realize you have no way to say for sure, but I prefers your guesses to others peoples facts.

    503-539-2813 or e-mail me.


  43. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ John R, between 3-4 oz is good for a consult. She needs to not draw attention to herself, that’s for sure.

  44. vince Says:

    Dear marc i been hassling with this payza form of payment and wow it cant get anymore complicated… my head feels like exploding since i can add credit cards but not use them for any form of payment or withdraw funds from them.. is there seriously another way of paying for ur scripts..



  45. Marc Stevens Says:

    Sorry about that, I need to get the paypal button back. You can use paypal with my email address marcstevens(at)marcstevens(dot)net

  46. Phil Says:

    Would you use credit cards on sites where “criminals” are running the site. It’s that simple. PayPal was created by a Russian. Guess who gets a college education in Communist Countries? The children of Communists but not the ordinary people. Please, wise up. I will buy only by Cash on Delivery. C.O.D. Marc talks about freedom, yet he uses PayPal & credit cards. How much more hypocritical can you get?

  47. Marc Stevens Says:

    True, I need to pay bills also. However, the cash you use is also from a gang of criminals…

  48. ian t Says:

    Marc, I want to but the Civil and Tax Scripts but I am in the UK abd don’t want to use Alertpay.

    If I donate through PayPal, can you tie things up at your end and forward the scripts?


  49. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Ian, yes, you can use paypal there is a donation button on the page. I email the files over.

  50. ian t Says:

    Thanks for the message Marc. I’ve just donated $50.00 via PayPal for the Civil and Tax scripts please.

    I’d be interested in looking at the motion to strike/dismiss template as well but I don’t know how relevant it would be over here in the UK? Any thoughts please?

    Cheers for now – keep up the good work 


  51. Indy Says:

    Hi, do you have scripts for Canada? Does your book apply completely in Canada?

  52. Marc Stevens Says:

    The scripts are easily adapted to Canada. The principals apply, you’re questioning fictions. So whether in Canada or Australia, the same model applies.

  53. Adam Says:

    Hey marc try to buy your script last night but payza would not allow me put money in the wallet. I donated the $25 so can you please email it to me.
    Thanks Adam

  54. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ adam, got it last night. Thanks for your order.

  55. Adam Says:

    Is going to be emailed or mailed off? Hopefully I will not get arrested this time around

  56. Adam Says:

    Hey Marc I am completely lost, I had my arraignment the DA said I was presumed innocent of jurisdiction, and the fact the judge and her both work for the state but different branches is not a conflict if interest. I wanted to punch myself in the junk.

  57. Marc Stevens Says:

    If they presumed there was no jurisdiction, then I would have asked for it to be dismissed. Just because the prosecutor said there was no conflict of interest doesn’t mean there isn’t. You need to do some role playing, you can get with in the NSP chat on skype.

  58. Adam Says:

    Hey marc I still didn’t get the script

  59. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Adam – emailed it over again, contact me by email about this if there is still a problem marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  60. Manuel Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Just a heads up

    I am making a donation for the CIVIL SCRIPT through paypal, can you please email it to me thanks.

    P.S. whats in the civil thats different from the criminal? when are you coming to New York? and do you plan to cover contracts like credit cards and debt collectors?

  61. Manuel Says:

    Hi Marc,

    OK I donated a payment for the Civil Script. hope to receive it soon, thanks so much for your hard work Marc.

  62. joe cann Says:

    marc i need your services i too am in mesa. i have appealed a case in florence and need to submit the arguements. i have paid the bod 524.00 need your assistance. I would like to show you the paperwork i have submitted. i can send you a m/o for 100 to you pox or what ever is easier i have until dec 2 2012 to file argument. plz respond

  63. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ joe you should email me about it marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  64. Josh Says:

    Hey Marc, know your busy.

    I was wondering if we donate via paypal or via alertpay to obtain one of your scripts?

    I can do either, thanks.

  65. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Josh paypal is easier

  66. Shane Kelly Says:


    I sent in $25 for the tax script. Loving your stuff. Thanks.


  67. applessence Says:

    Marc, I donated $50 via Paypal fo tax script and civil script, but will be gone for a couple hours. Can I download from my email later? This is my first time; sorry for dumb question. Thank you!

  68. Clayton w Says:

    Marc I have a considerable donation for you, need help and scripts sent before the 6 th of feb Is that possible? Email me please with the quickest avenue,also will require an hour of your time also
    One question I would like to leAve you with is , if wife accused of dwl. Suspended she wants to beat this case but very intimidated by court how can I step in for her if possible and fight her fight with your tools of engagement lol thanks

  69. KImmy Says:

    Hi Marc- I just sent my payment via paypal for consultation for IRS Tax issue. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks Kimmy

  70. Kevin McCann Says:

    Just sent $50.00 to you for the criminal script and the motion to strike/dismiss via donations. I eagerly await them showing up in my e-mail. I also have a civil matter that I would like you to consult on and will send you a note on your e-mail.
    Thanks for all the great work you do….long time listener.

  71. David Haisten Says:

    I just sent payment for the tax docs. It returned me to a 404 page not found page. Just wanted to make sure you received the payment of from Payza.

    It’s great you are doing this. I am planning on doing something similar with the banks. I have been sued 5 times by the banks in state court, the last one almost 3 years in litigation. They dismissed 5 days before trial. I’ve “won” all five through dismissals by plaintiffs. I was told that I could never prevail in state court with the banks. I am going to show how I did it. 3 judges have told that I should go to law school (fat chance).

    Anyway, thanks, look forward to receiving the script,

  72. Ronald Morace Says:

    Hello Marc,
    I was hoping to speak with you directly and get some guidance about how to best deal with a city taxing authority looking to foreclose on a small building. Also, have you ever heard of “mille rate” respecting taxes? Just wondering which of your course materials might you recommend for the above as well as an illegal federal tax lien?

  73. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Ronald, you can set up a phone consult by using the paypal button. It’s always the same tactic of challenging the evidence proving there is jurisdiction.

  74. Jeff Martinez Says:

    Has any one on this website been successful at purchasing a script or item? Does Marc ever respond back to you?

    The only reason why I ask is because I tried several times to purchase and I get an error message.

    There is anyone out there that would like to share or maybe I could purchase your civil attack script that would be great.


  75. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jeff, use the paypal donation button, if you have a problem you can email me at marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  76. Ben Says:

    Hey Marc. I’m having some trouble with the Payza site to purchase your scripts. Is there anyway I can use my papal?

  77. NonE Says:

    Ben, There’s a Paypal “DONATE” button on the right hand side of the screen just above that area where people make all of those nasty comments about me. I think Marc wants you to give him a description of the product you are wanting to buy and maybe your email address in the “Notes” section of the Paypal form. Otherwise you may get some old used DMV forms or something like that! (just kidding!) From what I understand, he’ll email the stuff out to you right after his new book is done. (just kidding AGAIN, as we know that ain’t NEVER gonna happen!) – NonE

  78. NonE Says:

    BEN! (addendum) You probably should give Marc information about the state you are going to be using this in as “laws” vary, and probably a brief description of your situation and what you’re wanting to accomplish. – NonBrucie

  79. Dan Says:

    @NonBrucie, Nasty comments about you? No Way! Lucy has sum splaining to do!

  80. Hector Says:

    Mr.Stevens, I want to purchase your tax script but can’t find the pay pal button. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  81. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ hector, the donation button is on the right of the webstite, right above the comments.

  82. Hector Says:

    Ok, I will purchase right now and post here when its done.

    Thank you Marc.

  83. Hector Says:

    Ok Marc,

    You should have confirmation of payment.

    Thank you.

  84. Hector Says:

    Mr. Marc,

    I sent you a receipt from a donation I made for the Tax script on Sept 27. I know you might be busy, but please just check if you have sent it.

    Thank you.

  85. Hector Says:

    Marc, I still have not received the Tax script yet. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  86. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ hector, I’ve been emailing you, you’re not getting them apparently. Email me at marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  87. Hector Says:


    Just sent it sir. you can also try

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  88. Barry Says:

    Marc, I’m going to trial in Los Angeles for a red light camera citation and would like to purchase the appropriate script for this.
    Would that be the criminal or civil script?

  89. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Barry, the demur covers both, they don’t always like to disclose whether it’s civil or criminal.

  90. Joseph Fogleman Says:

    How are you doing? I am about to go to court in Orange County on March 5, 2014. I am going to challenge the jurisdiction but I am not sure if I am ready. As you have mentioned I am going to file a Motion to Dismiss or a Demand For Dismissal at least ten days prior to trial. I also need to rescind my not guilty plea that I entered at the arraignment hearing. I love this stuff but often get overwelmed and a little scared in court. As you have mentioned I want to challenge subject matter jurisdiction and the fact that they have no Case. If the prosecutor does say he has a case, and I then ask for the Complaint…or the harmed party…Or challenge the fact that both the prosecutor and the judicial officer work for the state, shouldn’t this be heard in a federal court, to eliminate the conflict of interest…I am on board and would love to work with you once I have my chops. I already have several friends I am helping, But I am aware of the hundreds more we can help and that would be more than willing to pay. Let me know what you think. Thanks Joe

  91. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ joseph you need to role-play with a script. Stick to the facts the prosecutor’s arguments are based.

  92. Dick Says:

    Marc, can we see the three scripts so we know what we are buying? Can we see them but not be able to copy or print off…some sites do that…must be some way they accomplish it.

  93. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dick, parts of the scripts are in the books. I’ve also spoken about them on the show.

  94. Steve Says:

    You can find all of the scripts on the torrents….just a thought.

  95. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steve, yeah I don’t believe in IP, though I do need the support, $25 is not much to help me keep doing this.

  96. Boxer Says:

    @Marc Stevens

    “@ steve, yeah I don’t believe in IP, though I do need the support, $25 is not much to help me keep doing this.”

    This is why I love you, bro!!!!!

  97. NonExclusive Says:

    My perception of Government totally change after reading “Government Indicted”, Government operates like the cosa nostra but is worst because they legitimize fraud and corruption. Thanks Marc to this newnew consciousness

  98. matersteve Says:

    If i believe in what i believe in and you believe in what you believe in, then what is the truth?

    Well Ola my right tinking buddies! i’m back after the dickheads of the syco world incarcerated little old me for 2mths with a right stitch up without any evidence or even signing there own statements and committing perjury in their own place of business- their den of iniquity- the so called court house.

    Where i’m i supposed to get those 2mths of my life back for my beliefs, and their corruption of a cess bin, for my beliefs are mine and nobody can take those away or anybody else’s even though they constantly try! A Myrta to the cause i tinks!? Like many before i: a man ; mastersteve! FUCK THE CORRUPTED SYSTEM!

  99. Greg Roberts Says:

    Got a court date in a month for 2 tickets The road pirate stole my car impounded it..if I can get them dismissed…Shldnt they pay me back for impound fees?

  100. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ greg, that would be fair, but they rarely award costs in the US, worth trying though. You could file a claim against the city’s insurance to recover.

  101. bill turner Says:

    does your book cover false arrest-or do you deal with that part of the law ? my son was beaten in jail while unlawfully arrested during his tine in jail he alledgedly broke some jailhouse rules and for that the courts want him to go to prison but they don’t want to even mention the false arrest and the use of excessive force. unbelievable-also the county procecuter was arrested for drving drunk on his motorcycle and is still allowed to railroad my son. this is in southdakota any suggestens would be greatly appreciated

  102. Clifton R. Says:

    Marc i’ve been getting the run around with the 19th district court in Dearborn Michigan. When I got to the court room of Mark Somers, I was greeted with 2 or 3 cops waiting for me with hands on guns,all because I filed a motion to dismiss.I was escorted to see the prosecutor, first thing she said was” I didn’t know you were a MOOR”.I refused her side pleas she was offering so she gave me a paper that stated I couldn’t use the constitution in the case because it would confuse the jurors,so after being served with this paper i went into the court I’ve been found guilty of dwls with 6 jury members..when I cross examined the cop that gave me the ticket(promise to appear)..I asked “did you file a valid cause of action against me”? The judge stopped me as well as the prosecutor.
    So I tried to appeal but they are refusing my appeal to give me my bond money and motions to dismiss based upon lack of standing,jurisdiction and no valid signed complaint by a injured party. I have trial on the 11th of feb.I have 5 tickets left(all traffic) If you can help in anyway it would be most grateful, I want to file a lawsuit, against Dearborn. ive been being followed by these cops. And being black in Dearborn is so hard. I as many other people thank God for you and your courage.Please keep up you’re awesome work!

  103. Coty Says:

    I have tried sending payment could you please verify and send the documents, the State Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template, also the Civil and Criminal Scripts for Court.

    Paid $75

    Thank you Marc

    P.S. if it matters this is for UTAH STATE

  104. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Coty, email me the paypal confirmation and we’ll get this taken care of.

  105. mobnssp Says:

    Hey Marc, i order the civil Script what is your email address to send my receipt number to. the one on PayPal is not working.

  106. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ mobnssp, marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  107. Jose Dantas Says:

    Hi Marc,

    On your website right now trying to purchase your Scripts for court/resolving disputes with tax agents and am unable to find the purchase section/button for this particular item, can you help please?

    Best Regards,


  108. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jose, the selz button is best, or

  109. Kevin Says:

    Hello Marc

    I would like to purchase the script for taxes.

    A question, I live and work overseas, I been filing every year, but I don’t have w-2, I work for a foreign company. Do I really have to file?

    I’m new to listening to your show. Thanks for the good work

    I would like to pay with paypal.

  110. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Kevin, sorry I missed this, you can email me marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com if you have trouble with

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  18. NSP - Feb 14, 2015 - Co-host: JT - Says:

    […] push-back you’ll get and consequences to expect for asking for the evidence the prosecutor is supposed to have before they present a case to the […]

  19. NSP - Feb 28, 2015- [UPDATE: FULL PODCAST+] - Says:

    […] Collecting admissions from bureaucrats when they can’t prove jurisdiction through effective questioning. […]

  20. NSP - Mar 28, 2015 - Says:

    […] worked with a bar-card-holding attorney who nearly lost her license to practice for challenging […]

  21. NSP - Apr 11, 2015 - Guest: Jeff - Says:

    […] managed to get a speeding ticket dismissed from court by using the motion to dismiss template and script, describes his adventure in legal-land and discusses what he’s […]

  22. NSP - Mar 14, 2015 - Says:

    […] The legality or merits of a complaint do not need to be argued if you challenge the prosecution’s facts and evidence to prove jurisdiction. […]

  23. NSP - Apr 18, 2015 - Co-host: Calvin - Says:

    […] simplicity and confidence in the questions to get them to appeal to the general […]

  24. NSP - May 2, 2014 - Guest: Skyler J. Collins - Says:

    […] returned call from a New Hampshire bureaucrat who asserts questions of evidence are a “philosophical […]

  25. NSP – May 23, 2015 – Co-host: Vin James and Guest: Clint Richardson - Freedom's Floodgates Says:

    […] aware of the rewards, risks and consequences of courtroom activism when considering asking evidentiary questions and filing paperwork in response to the prosecution’s usual lack of evidence to prove all of […]

  26. NSP - May 23, 2015 - Co-host: Vin James and Guest: Clint Richardson - Says:

    […] aware of the rewards, risks and consequences of courtroom activism when considering asking evidentiary questions and filing paperwork in response to the prosecution’s usual lack of evidence to prove all of […]

  27. NSP - Jun 20, 2015 - Guests: Brian and Derrick J - Says:

    […] due-process violations on-the-fly by using effective Socratic questioning to plainly expose that they are wrongfully moving forward a trial without first vetting the pending […]

  28. NSP - Jun 27, 2015 - Co-host: Vin James - Says:

    […] and critics that desperately need to conflate questions of fact and evidence as a “philosophical argument” so to dismiss the questions away without having to […]

  29. NSP - Jul 25, 2015 - Co-hosts: Vin James and Matthew - Says:

    […] Avoiding dependence on using the script. […]

  30. NSP - Jan 2, 2016 - Says:

    […] from CA: reviewing the steps for filing the motion to dismiss/demur and using the script <> setting up a consult to attempt to contact the prosecution and ask them about what […]

  31. NSP - Jan 23, 2016 - Says:

    […] Objecting when bureaucrats divert from your questioning. […]

  32. NSP - Jan 30, 2016 - Says:

    […] Key starting-points for learning how to effectively exercise effective damage-control: Government: Indicted, AiLL Wiki, NSP Skype group-chat, success stories, the forum, Socratic questioning and the templates and scripts. […]

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