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Appeal Success in California – Conviction and Complaint Thrown Ou

Posted on April 5th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

A big congrats to Greg in California for his successful stand against the criminals called the Alameda County government.  And thanks for providing the documentary proof that is in the video.  [26 July 2017 update] It has been brought to my attention that there were 2 pages that I didn’t get.  The stated reason for the dismissal is because the vendor responsible for providing the transcript to the appeals court failed to do so.  It looks like this decision, on it’s face, had nothing to do with the arguments raised on the brief.

As I speculated on the show, this could just be a convenient way to avoid addressing the denial of cross-examination and prosecutorial misconduct.










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  1. Susan Renner Says:

    I’m thankful to find this site thank u Marc. I’ve been studying this off/on for 10 yrs.. usually I don’t have first hand experience with these corrupt people claiming’ve on easter 3 block’s from my home the policy enforcer waited across the street from the store waited for me and pulled me and nowe I have 3 civil infractions to deal with 🙁 I’m so nervous but I have to I know I can’t submit to the contract they’ve offered

  2. Susan Renner Says:

    It’s insane that fear causes most to just submit if that doesn’t alert the world of the wrong in the system of fraud I don’t know what will. We shouldn’t be intimated into contract.

  3. Susan Renner Says:

    Maybe I’m crazy but I got the civil infractions in the mail and returned to sender immediately hahahaha maybe most wouldn’t do that but I can’t help it I had to no I do not consent to volunteering to contract and pay you money. we’ll see… Maybe I’m nuts but I rejet their illusion of authority

  4. juan galt Says:

    Uh-oh. The second and third pages of this Order explaining why the dismissal was just produced.

    The dismissal HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOTIONS MARC HELPED FILE!!! Read for yourself –

    “The judgment of the trial court is reversed 3-0. Appellant timely requested a transcript from official electronic recording be made a part of the record on appeal and, to date the court’s vendor has not provided the requested transcript. Given the delay which has occurred and the relatively minor nature of the infraction involved and the fine imposed, we conclude that in this instance it would not be in the interests of justice to prolong the matter. Accordingly, the judgment is reversed with directions to dismiss the complaint”.

    This is the third time (so far) that one of these “success” stories was based on a lie! Uh-oh.

  5. spooky2th Says:


    ur just as a govt shill!! Accuse your victim and others of doing exactly what you are doing. Too many are gullible and fall for it. juan, has proven over & over here and especially in the forum that he’s as 2-faced as he can be, promoting state tyranny over all. On the other hand, Marc has proven over & over here and on other web sites to boot that he an honest man.

  6. juan galt Says:


    Now THAT”S funny!!!

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