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Jermaine Gets Mistrial in Calgary – All Charges Stayed

Posted on April 6th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

This was previously reported on the No State Project, I was finally able to post the documentary proof.  Congrats to Jermaine and thanks for letting me post the document.

At no time was the prosecution able to provide the evidence to prove their claims were true.  While the judge did order them to provide the evidence, they did not follow through and allowed the misconduct.  Thankfully Jermaine still got a mistrial and the charges, though stayed, have not been refiled.

Considering the fact the witnesses were proven to be liars, I can see why the prosecution has chosen not to refile.  Maybe the judge would sanction them if they did, something they should have done instead of forcing Jermaine to participate in the mistrial.


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  1. staljans Says:

    NO PROVINCE PROJECT is proud of Jermaine in standing up, and not being a defendANT, proud to know you Jermaine a true modern [non violent] warrior.

    wish more candiCANs had also as much balls to stand up and say “NO MORE, I’VE had enough, and I’m NOT taking it and helping you with the KY jelly”.

    Thank you my “earthling” brother from another mother, sad those few like you have to suffer for the many that are to cowardly to do it themselves.

  2. Pete Says:

    Great Job, Jermaine! Wondering if you would comment on one of your fellow Canadians challenging the evidence that we live on a spinning globe? He shot a green laser 7.5 miles over a frozen lake and found ZERO earth curvature! He even recorded a video of the test:

    What facts and evidence do YOU rely on to prove that we live on a spinning globe 25,000 miles in circumference?

  3. Randall Says:


    Flat Earth Debunked:

  4. Mark Says:

    This is definitely a win. But what to do with all the other charges? Jermaine managed to get the big ones out, but all those little ones can quickly add up. Congratulations on this win! Good luck with the rest! Links to his other interactions or calls would be nice. I want to see his whole story to get a better picture of what happened.

  5. Henry Says:

    What is thew process for Canadians where should I look on the NSP site?

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    The process is really the same, just some different verbiage.

  7. Pete Says:

    @Randall: I patiently watched both videos you linked to. But neither answered my question of how the Canadian’s green laser can be visible at ground level from 7.5 miles away over a flat, frozen lake. When someone like you answers questions I never asked, and offers videos attacking claims I never made, that is called a “straw man” argument. That is something morons do. Not saying you are a moron, though.

    Here’s the video I linked to if you would like to try again.

    I am not a “flat earther.” I am just curious how this laser is visible when it should be hidden by about 37.5 feet of earth curvature. Since this website is supposedly committed to facts and evidence, I thought I might find an answer here.

  8. Randall Says:


    The videos debunk Flat Earthers period. They weren’t answering your question(s) specifically.

    You were trying to prove that the Earth is flat in your prior post, which has been debunked many times.

    Flat Earthers are morons, not saying you’re a moron though.

    LOL, I’m soooo mean.

  9. Randall Says:


    So a laser beam shoots out of a laser cavity straight for 7.5 miles over a frozen lake and the poster is saying that there is no curvature because of that point. WOW, makes absolutely no sense. The ISS can disprove this flat earther theory by just looking out of a port hole and seeing the curvature of the earth.

    To quote HeavilyArmedTrashPanda:To argue with a flat earther is like playing chess with a pigeon. It just shits on the table, knocks all the pieces over and flies back to its flock to claim victory.

    @ here:

  10. NonEntity Says:

    Chess with pigeon. Luv it! 🙂

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