Another Government Agent Discredited

Posted on March 31st, 2015 by Marc Stevens

The Same ol’ Lie World Tour stops in New South Wales, Australia.  This is a call to the State Revenue agency and the agent relies on the lie that: if one is physically in Australia, then the laws of the government of Australia apply.

The agent is long on logical fallacies, but not a single fact to support this argument.  This argument is deceptively easy to expose people have a problem processing it.

Of course the laws apply, we’ve all been told that.  Sorry, it’s a lie and I’ve debunked it over nine thousand times at this point.  Not one bureaucrat, politician or their apologists has ever provided evidence to prove that if one is physically in Australia, then the laws apply.

bill-mont It’s why politicians like Bill Montgomery, the county attorney here in Phoenix, refuse to publicly discuss their laws and organization with an anarchist.  Yes, he debated Marc Victor twice, but Marc did not do it as an anarchist.  I know first hand that Bill will not discuss law publicly with an anarchist.



We already know Bill’s position when it comes to his laws applying us:





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  1. desertspeaks Says:

    Marc, what about a pre-emptive inquiry “rather than waiting until someone is up against the wall” utilizing a FOIA with the county attorney for them to provide what facts they have the prove the laws are applicable to me/you/us??

  2. Chris Says:

    Two words:
    Scott Bartle

  3. marc stevens Says:

    @ desert, that’s a good idea, will have to try that.

  4. Silybum Says:


    What is an foia? My preferred method of communication is in the form of effective letter writing.

  5. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Silybum Freedom of information act, inquiry.. “IF” they have the information, they have to provide it to you upon a FOIA request!!

  6. NonEntity Says:

    A “foia” is a flower that grows on certain rare desert cacti. Ingesting this flower allows one to see into the minds of psychopaths. This can be a very scary and potentially dangerous thing to do and is therefore highly cautioned against.

  7. R Lee Coenen Says:

    When the COPS pulled me over they took the film over my license plate. Left the plate still on, but took the license plate frame too…. Why???? This is theft.
    Sue them?? Also, the USC of the united States of America says all fines shall be paid in US Dollars. (that is gold and silver,only) What is likely to happen if one tries that? What can one do to try and stop their next BS move?? Thanks……

  8. i.n.rem Says:


    “we have no documents pertaining to your inquiry”

  9. desertspeaks Says:

    @ i.n.rem,
    then you admit that there is no evidence of your alleged authority and or jurisdiction, thank you.. I will now have your response entered into the public record at the county court house and have certified copies of your response made.
    An interesting note, certified copies of public record “according to their own law” is self authenticating and fatal to any charge brought against someone who has a certified copy..
    thank you for your time, it is most appreciated!

  10. mark washington Says:

    This logic thing Mark uses however appealing to public opinion or not crashes the concepts in the Talmud & the Catholic church where other people are pressed to act on their writings,(some on human skin/Papal Bulls) like a slavemastes wish list & going against the king is Treason. That’s why I press for congressmen to legislate to abrogate regicide in the u.s. before it’s too late for their kings. Call or write a congressman & senator today, before they announce one .. Standard free thinking Americans who have a set sometimes have regicidal tendencies, but wouldn’t kill an elf. These guys deserve a conditional acceptance if they can prove a bear(anywhere) to be catholic,or “me” a part “of”/member by my willing acceptance/consent of their church/bank/state & therefore willingly accepting the rules of its members. Also, that it is not part of a religious order/church/synagogue, as we are to have separation of church & state. I.E. that not one penny of their fines will go to fund wars or go to any religious order. Conditionally Accept upon proof of this claim.

  11. NonEntity Says:

    M. W. Sed: “This logic thing Mark uses…” —and then I knew there was no need to read further. Probably it’s similar to “this evidence thing Marc asks for…” Thank doG we have Darwin to sort all this out in the end!

  12. Showbox App Says:

    nice work

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