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CoS – Aug 15, 2014 – Maricopa County Treasurer Charles Hoskins

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

hoskinsI spoke with Charles “Hos” Hoskins today; Charles is the Maricopa county treasurer.   He and his accomplices forcibly take over four hundred million dollars from people in the Phoenix valley every year.  You’re not asked to pay, you’re ordered to pay and if you don’t he’ll send armed men to just take your property.   So I called to ask some questions about how he goes about taking that money.

Charles claimed to have a problem understanding how his accomplices operate.   I asked about the basic premise – if I’m physically in Arizona, then the laws of the state applied to me – he claimed he had to be an attorney to answer that.  This was going to be a tough call.  I can’t say if he was being genuine or not.

I asked if I forced people to give me money would he consider me a criminal and he agreed that it was extortion and robbery.  I agree; when you force people to give you money it’s robbery.  Charles didn’t like when I asked him why it wasn’t extortion and robbery when he and those called governments do it.  He claimed:

That’s a ridiculous question.

Because “governments” are such wonderful people to even question them is “ridiculous”.  I question this and he laughs and wants to know what my “story line” is.  He also claims I’m all over the place.  So I ask again: Why is the same action taken by me, forcing someone to give me money,  extortion and robbery and it’s not when you do it?

[Charles laughs] Are you serious?

I ask him directly “How is it different then, when you take property by force, when you take money by force, and under threat, how is that not extortion and robbery?”  His response?

Because it’s within the law.

So I go back to my original question and ask him what facts he relies on to prove the constitution and laws of the state apply to me just because I’m physically in Arizona?  Charles does not like this and accuses me of trying to “create a story” based on my assumptions and points that are “so far unrealistic” he doesn’t want to be a part of it and doesn’t want me to broadcast the call.  The standard hang up follows when I ask him what assumption I made.

It’s obvious Charles cannot defend his extortion any more and must hang up.  Always, always point out the gun under all that paperwork.  That’s how we gut their false perception of legitimacy and expose them for the criminals they are.

Here is another example of the psychopathic double standard you get with the government concept.  Basic principals of right and wrong do not apply when you call yourself a government.  Governments are men and women forcing people to pay them.  It is extortion and robbery when I do it, but not when they do it.  Why?   Because the people calling themselves governments said it wasn’t.  They gave themselves a free pass and their victims accept it instead of ignoring them or using defensive force to neutralize the attack.

By his own admission, what Charles does, to the tune of over $400,000,000 a year, is extortion.  He and his accomplices wrote a “law” saying it was not robbery when they do it.  A “law” Charles has no evidence applies to anyone in the first place.   I’ve seen this insane idea somewhere before:


Governments are men and women forcing us to give them money.  There is no evidence their “laws” apply to us.  Governments are a criminal organization from top to bottom.  This is what real journalism is about; asking tough questions and exposing criminals for what they are.  If Charles and his accomplices were a legitimate organization and not a gang of criminals, then they would be able to prove it.

But when you force people to pay you no amount of public relations can cover it.

18 Aug 2014 update: Robert Pizorno is the public info officer for the Maricopa county assessor’s office.  He was not very happy with my questions.  While Charles said the question was “ridiculous”, Robert said my questions were “stupid.”   Same political tactic to avoid not being able to answer the question.

They, those called “government”, claim their “laws” apply to everyone.  But, when we ask for proof, the evidence the argument is based, we get everything but facts.  If there was evidence proving the “law” applied, then they would just provide it.

RobertPizornoBecause when you claim the laws apply to everyone in Arizona, but you have no actual proof that’s true, you go with the political dodge:

Tough Questions?  More like stupid questions.

Because when your salary and pension have been forcibly taken from peaceful people, you don’t need evidence or professionalism.



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  1. steve womacks Says:

    I Love you Mark! Exposing the truth one criminal corporate goon at a time.

    The world is waking up to the fact that there is no gov’t. It is all banker run foreign corporations posing as gov’t. All extortion racketeering forcing us to be their slaves to support their federal Reserve Central Banking SCAM!

    Look them all up on Dunn and Bradstreet, every county, stste, federal gov’t is a CORPORATION, and has NO JURISDICTION!

    House of reps is registered in Puerto Rico along with Internal Revenue Service! Coast Guard, fish and wildlife, the Senate is a registered corps in D.C, YOU NAME IT, it’s all NOT TRUE GOV’T!

    U S Government is a corporation with headquarters, (are you ready) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Wash DC!!!
    It’s all a banker LIE!

  2. Jack Worthington Says:

    Hello, Charles Hoskins and Robert Pizomo, We The People are not interested in your unfounded and unsubstantiated OPINIONS; We are only interested in the FACTS! You fellas provided no facts and by retreating behind ad hominem attacks and explitives, you two have abandonded the field of battle and by maxim of law you two have defaulted and the truth then is that you two have no factual evidence that your constitutin and law apply to anyone who happens to be in some geographical location. You two, Charles and Robert, are scoundrels and belong in the boobyhatch hotel for the balance of your criminal lives! You two are sickos.

  3. Colin Wilson Says:

    Hi Marc, Another great broadcast, your empowering people.
    I know I’ll be teaching grandma here to suck eggs when I say this but when your standing on the face of the earth, your not in Arizona, Arizona is nothing more than a legal construct, it’s just another fictional entity and the word “in” in their world, they tell us in their dictionaries means to be “in Contract” so your not in Arizona, you might be on earth they would like to call or refer to as Arizona but your certainly not in it. At best, your on it. Now as this legal construct is just that, its their job to provide the evidence and facts that you’re in “Arizona” and not just standing on a piece of ground that they claim is “Arizona” (just like all the other little animals of on this earth, marking their feeding territory) He who brings the claim must provide the evidence and that’s all before we get anywhere near any of these rules (more legal construct) that they like call laws, simply to confuse and intimidate people in order to “force” them to pay up.

  4. Boxer Says:

    Jack Worthington:

    Who is “We The People”?

  5. Jack Worthington Says:

    The people who ask the questions that the bureaucrats refuse or can’t answer

  6. Boxer Says:

    Thank you. Would you please provide a list of the names of all the people who “ask the questions that the bureaucrats refuse or can’t answer”?

  7. Jack Worthington Says:

    You are being argumentative. All you have to do is read and listen to the audios on the NoStateProject and you are free to collect the names. I can see you are attempting to deceive and so I must dismiss you to the bit bucket.

  8. Boxer Says:

    Jack Worthington:

    What argument have I made?

  9. Jack Worthington Says:

    So Socratic yet you have exposed yourself. You appear to be a defender of Hoskins and Pizomo who failed to provide the evidence that the constitution and laws apply. When you provide the evidence then maybe your question about who is we the people can be discussed.

  10. Boxer Says:

    Jack Worthington:

    “So Socratic yet you have exposed yourself. You appear to be a defender of Hoskins and Pizomo who failed to provide the evidence that the constitution and laws apply.”

    Again, would you please provide a list of the names of all the people who “ask the questions that the bureaucrats refuse or can’t answer”?

    “When you provide the evidence then maybe your question about who is we the people can be discussed.”

    semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit…the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges.

  11. Jack Worthington Says:

    As I said, the proof resides in the well documented audios and videos on athe NoStateProject and you are free to examine that “proof” at your leisure.

  12. Boxer Says:

    Jack Worthington:

    Would you agree that there is no list of names and you simply don’t know?

  13. Jack Worthington Says:

    Would you agree that you have been led to the library but that I didn’t force you to read? There are none so blind as those who will not see. You are obviously a shill for the “Dark Side” and good day to you. You are in the bit bucket. BTW, draw a Venn Diagram. In one circle plade those who have asked the questions, those who want to ask the questions and those who want answers to the questions. Then draw another circle and it will enclose those who don’t want the answers, those who are ignorant of the issue of factual evidence, those who refuse to answer the questions, those who wish to remain ignorant and those who have vested interest in concealing the truth about the factual evidence. Into which would you fall?

  14. Boxer Says:

    Jack Worthington:

    Oy vey.

  15. Chris Says:

    Hoskins was holding 1.3 billion in cash and investments in the Maricopa 2013 CAFR.
    The 400 mill is just Property Tax, total tax take was over a billion in 2013.

  16. Helman,Gary Says:

    as a 14th amendment us citizen>?><

  17. steve womacks Says:

    These corporate goons are absolute TERRORISTS for the bankers that own this UNITED STATES, INC.

    Keep exposing, keep pressuring them. Drop any fear and approach and confront and show these true life criminals that WE KNOW what they are! Make them Answer for their CRIMES against humanity.

  18. Luke Says:

    Steve, there are no “crimes against humanity.” That is a pernicious, collectivist notion.

  19. steve womacks National Says:

    Hi Luke, what would we call slave trade? BTW here is a nice piece on the bankruptcy and strawman birth cert scam that everyone should read. The depth of deprivation of these quasi gov’t business’s is absolutely abhorrent.

    must read;

  20. Luke Says:

    The slave trade is a crime against the slaves, not “society.”

  21. steve womacks National Says:

    so then Luke, “slaves” are not a part of society?

  22. Ron Jackson Says:

    After my house was illegally stolen from me last August2014 ,I was told that “excess funds”of almost $80,000 from the auction would be deposited into a fund at the Maricopa County Treasures Office in my name and I would have to “apply”and pay a “fee” of $350.00 to get a “judge ” to decide whether or not to “release” these funds to me. The money is gaining interest while in the county bank account of which none gets to me. I applied in in Jan 15 2015. It is now almost June 2015. I have not received one dime.,Not only did these criminals steal my home,they wont allow me to have access to money which is mine.

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