NSP – Jun 8, 2013 – Co-host: JT

Posted on June 8th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

  • The long history of broad and targeted domestic spying within the growing totalitarian surveillance-STATE.
  • Edward Snowden’s, Thomas Drake’s and William Binney’s testimony about the F.W.A. of the anti-freedom warrant-less domestic spying and data mining.
  • Avoid statist tainted, proprietary malsoftware by seeking freeware/open-source alternatives.
  • Visit a true agorist, Bill with Twin Mountain Country Store, on your way to PorcFest X.
  • Critics and bureaucrats who believe jurisdiction does not have to be proven with evidence, only circular reasoning: “the law applies because it’s the law.”
  • Laws are just excuses to kill us.”
  • The legendary Jeff Healey.
  • Marc’s response to a veiled bureaucratic threat; “how do the laws of Maryland apply to anyone in Arizona?”
  • “Jurisdiction, once challenged, must be proven by competent proof/evidence.”
  • Statist conformist gang-rape.
  • Marc’s experience with a judge that makes rulings without considering pending motions.
  • Canadian Bureaucrat Proceeding Absent Evidence of Jurisdiction.
  • Using, or accepting the benefits of, the court deflates the defensive angle of applicability of the code.
  • Writing an order to show cause when the courts don’t allow for notice and opportunity to be heard, which is a serious due process violation.
  • Come join Marc at Sonny Landreth at the Rhythm Room on July 26th.
  • Authoritarian’s use of an appeal to emotion to maintain and exercise control.
  • Making decisions on the basis of right and wrong as opposed to legal and illegal.
  • Complaining to the mafia boss about problems with mafia services.
  • Taking compulsory support out of “government” and voluntarily choosing what services that are valuable to you and your neighbors.
  • Lysander Spooner’s masterpiece “No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.”
  • Getting to a voluntary society by reversing the mentality that has kept us enslaved; blindly conforming to arbitrary authority.
  • Being the head of a department does not simply constitute as evidence.
  • The need for activists to challenge bureaucrats strictly on their lack of evidence.
  • The facts will tell the story, unless there are no facts; then there’s no story for the court to hear.
    • Do you really need a third hearing when there was never any evidence of jurisdiction all along?
    • NHES attorney: “I don’t believe such evidence [of jurisdiction] exists.”
    • Communicating effectively enough to get a prosecutor to back off their erroneous, baseless assertions.
    • Prosecutor wants to ignore the lack of evidence so bad he uses the desperate excuse that the transcription wasn’t made by a supreme court stenographer.
    • Why should Bill have to do anything further when the prosecution has no evidence now?

Caller’s Topics:

  • Chris from TX: due process violations in family court, judge says its “her prerogative” to deny a motion without even reading it, filing charges of “aggravated perjury” with the Attorney General, notice and opportunity to defend the foundation of due process, filing a bill of review for lack of personal jurisdiction, and filing a notice of assignment to obtain a copy of a transcript.
  • Patricia from Manchester, NH: almost same issue Chris has, not notified of a divorce decree modification and lawyers want to put her in jail, the risk of being jailed for challenging the family court system, and IRS seizure of spouse’s tax return.
  • Scott from Long Island, NY: what rational basis do you have to use aggression to provide services?, “getting out” of a real crime, legitimizing mass extortion via government, the legitimate use of STATE courts, the web of corruption within the STATE that has made itself immune from accountability, and a case update.
  • Armando from TX: Success Story: credit card complaint dismissed with prejudice for bad faith on part of the plaintiff [more details below], filing misconduct charges against aggressive bureaucrats.
  • Doug from GA: warrant issued based on Doug not appearing at a hearing he was not notified about, public defender ignoring defendant’s requests, and contacting Marc to figure out how to proceed.

Below is a short video about Armando’s win in a Texas court, the dismissal is here:


I helped Armando with the motions and made a call to the law firm.  Michael Scott was not available, so we spoke with two other lawyers.  Neither were able to provide any evidence proving jurisdiction and refused to withdraw their complaint.

We put together another motion to dismiss for lack of evidence proving jurisdiction, no cause of action and misconduct.  The assigned judge granted the motion.

Congrats to Armando and thanks for sending this evidence.  It shows you don’t need to get a lawyer to defeat these credit card companies and their dishonest lawyers.

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23 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve Says:

    The fact that Marc’s assistance has helped people have wins in court is the proof in the pudding. To those who are prone to criticize him or his methods, why don’t you step up to the plate and offer better solutions? What’s that I hear? The silence is deafening.

  2. Strum Says:

    Marc you are just awesome, of all the people talking about or taking action for change around in the world today I think you are the one person who is working most effectively to provide people with the real practical knowledge we need to make change.
    You also deserve great thanks for your generosity, patience and tolerance with all the people who come looking for your help. It is very admirable that despite your hectic schedule you manage to make time for everyone, even people that would try the patience of a saint to help, just awesome, bless you.

    You also have great taste in music.

    Can’t wait for the new book.
    Keep up the great work.

    Thanks again

  3. Dan Says:

    @Steve, I hear crickets

  4. MickeyG Says:

    Marc, I have been wondering about sovereign immunity. Public officials claim they have this because they serve us. That power has to come from the people, as many states constitution even says ‘all power is inherent in the people’. If a public official can claim this, it only makes sense that the power is inherent in the people and we can also claim sovereign immunity in cases were public servants are the plaintiff.

  5. Packa Says:

    Great show. Keep it up. Packa!!!!!!!!

  6. Mark Says:

    Chirp Chirp

    Let me ask you all something.

    If you ran a racket and were trying to collect $125.00 and it was going to cost you $300.00 to get the money what sense would it make to continue down this road?

    I have said in many places I appreciate Marc’s work but my experience shows me that when they have a chance to make more money then the SAME methods do not work.

    And if you were THEM then would it not be good practice to let these losing transactions slide with the result being that when it comes to making real money you have fooled people into using a method which will not work when the chips are down?

    It amazes me how people seem to want to jump into an arena or game where the rules are set and then say, “I do not want to play by those rules.’

    It is like the hockey player who asked the referee for evidence that the rules applied to him. He identified himself as a player and then asks if the rules apply? Sounds like unsportsmanlike conduct to me.

    Do you identify yourself as a player? If so then HOW do you do this? Would it not be wise to ask THEM for evidence that you are a player before you ask if the rules apply to players?

    They seem to need ‘something’ to ‘appear’ in court.

    The Magi – strate uses spell ing to try to make something appear.

    Most stand up and say, “Here I am.’ “That is me’ “I am a player”

    IF ‘you’ believe that these courts do not have anything to do with you then why not ask about ‘you’?

    They make out the paperwork to a John DOE and then once they get someone to ‘appear’ then they want to call you ‘Mr. Doe?’

    I want to know what that is about so I ASK.

    Do you have any evidence that I am Mr. Doe?

    They come back with a question.

    “Are you saying you are not Mr. Doe?”

    I asked if there was any evidence before the court that I am Mr. Doe.

    Go ahead and claim that this does not matter but have you tried it?

    I have. Many have. I do not understand what game I may be agreeing to play if I consent to being called Mr. Do you?

    I do not want to be a Mr. just in case that will be my consent to being bound by a set of rules which none Mr.’s are not.

    If you all want to ask for evidence about what Mr. means to them then I ask, “Why do I care?’

    It appears they want me NEED me to answer to, play the role of, appear as this Mr and anything they want, I do not.

    The reason I came to this site and started posting is when I was listening to an NSP one day and a fellow tried to explain this idea to Marc and he was dismissed out of hand.

    I have first hand knowledge that this one question stops them in their tracks.

    Yes it sound way to easy and many want to label this as patriot nonsense or freeman stuff but it seems to me that patriots and freemen are fighters.

    I tried that game and it SEEMED to work when it was unimportant things like traffic tickets but when the chips were down they rolled right over it.

    By simply asking a basic question, “What does this have to do with me?” or “Is there any evidence that I am Mr. Doe?” they were stymied.

    evidence you say?

    ok ok


    I would suggest starting with ‘First Hand Testimony (imbatman57 Episode 35)’

    I have used a form of this method and my experience with this has been posted in the forum @ http://marcstevens.net/board/thread-4281.html

  7. NonE Says:

    It’s noon. On Sunday. No edited podcast yet. I can see that Calvin has taken my wisdom to heart and decided not to unduly arouse the expectations of the viewership. Kudos!

    – NonElucidacious

  8. Incubus Says:

    Is Scotts’s real name Johnny Brennan? Could’ve swore I was listening to a Jerky Boys call….

  9. RadicalDude Says:

    Appeals to authority(logical fallacy) are all the lawyers have to show their codes/court precedent apply. They are good at presenting frivolous, fallacious non-arguments, though.

  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ radicalDude, then when you call them on their logical fallacy, they fall back to ad hominen fallacies. What I find funny is when they write evidence of jurisdiction isn’t even necessary and I’m an idiot for even suggesting it.

  11. Abilene Voluntaryist Says:

    It’s 11:19pm June 9th and still no podcast…….. what happened?

  12. Calvin Says:

    @NonE: I do what I can. 😉

    @Incubus: Indeed, my thoughts while listening too!

    @Abilene Voluntaryist: Got stuck working 13 hour shifts Fri-Sun. Please excuse the lag time on some of the podcasts as I am normally off on Saturdays, I occasionally will end up working one here or there.

    I hope it was worth the wait, there are lots of extras packed into the podcast! Enjoy.

  13. scott o'connell Says:

    subtitle ..section c…clause 13.42a humm ..of the blo me clause clearly states the clear difference between practicing law without a licence ,..and practicing to play a lawer on tv.Or mutiple exceptions ,.when spoken from ure soapbox,and or in any combination of pig-latin or home grown jiberish..perhaps persistant ongoing delusions and rants about a book or project involving red ops from a non-gmo ,highly fortified compound , after hittin that falacy punch,while listening to that devel music ,no one even heard of. I suggest some more mellow music like sin city ,bon scott vocs,dance on volcano-genessis,words from the front tom verlaine,the outfield-somewhere in america,playground,bangin,toad the wet sproket chili,listen.Well due to time constraints I left off the comedy stuff,I had some stuff prepared,

  14. NonE Says:

    Marc, “write THAT evidence of jurisdiction isn’t”… or “when they write evidence…”? I’m thinking that you mean the former, but I had to read it several times to clearly parse it. Writing evidence is probably what they THINK they are doing when they write traffic tickets and zoning stuff.

    – NonE

  15. Andy Says:

    With regards to domestic spying and data mining is a prescient video posted to YouTube seven years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNJl9EEcsoE

  16. NonE Says:

    Scott from Long Island, Why do you bother calling Marc? You are obviously capable of carrying on all seven sides to a conversation by yourself and you’re WAY to busy holding up all of those sides of the conversation to actually listen to anything Marc has to say, so… I don’t get it. Why are you calling?

    – NonE

  17. RadicalDude Says:

    Marc Stevens Says:
    June 10th, 2013 at 10:15 am

    @ radicalDude, then when you call them on their logical fallacy, they fall back to ad hominen fallacies.

    ^^^Logical fallacies are all they have. Their whole legal system is based on fallacious illogic. Appeal to authority is really what it’s all about. Really, even quoting case law, citing statutes, claiming jurisdiction, it’s all variations of the appeal to authority fallacious non-argument. Funny that these people have set themselves up as the professional arbiters of “logic”, and they are supposed to be the experts on “logical” “arguments”. Their egos are so invested in their violent superstitions and their “exalted” political status they derive from their association the corporation called the “bar” that they are incapable of objectivity, they will cling to their superstitions like a life preserver.

  18. scott o'connell Says:

    holy smokin gonads batman, insults on the annaversary of the end of life ,as I knew it, june,10,05 , 10;00 am That morning I began life as a victim .One man who stood up to ,and documented for the world , the dirthankies who have silenced me ,my music,my lifes work and dreams ,to protect the ex-cop robert burke. I have done all in my power to expose how and why and who ;.. and question them , And to expose all thier dirty tricks,lies, and abuses . I ,gave up all, my lifes plans,and dreams,BOOM!,.in a second,.. boom new life.I do the best I can when I call ,I have crazy hours and the marc stuff is not easily converted to words ,or even understood for a few days, by this blabbering soul, during the hours of the show,I,may sound drunk or incoherant ,But I am not. Marc has real insight ,remarkable insight ,and results.And,inspires me,and has always been correct. What have I not listened to? I have stated many times I struggle with words ,as I am a visionary.I am ,( I thought) working with marc,I certainly am studying and absorbing all I can from him and others . Even when I was just a stuped shmuck from long island I still possessed many skills,off the chart skills! even before this “hardball” thing. But now I am a force to be delt with ,with or with out your help or marcs help.I do need help ,but it seems a claim might be the thing for me ,rather than marcs line aand method, I may not speak well but please do not sell me short I gave these police and detetives the ability to do their job properly for too long,to expose them can and will bring change ,and I am seeking my legacy and own brand of rederick , I still feel I will be asking about what evidence dose it take to be removed ?I feel strongly with all my spirt and energies ,this is way more than,…Gold Jerry,.. Friggin historic gold ,I need to get up to bat at this “hardball” game they waged on me ! To see my last 5 yr’s of reseach on my u-tube public page that as mentioned ,..Is gone like a frieght train,gone like a solder in the civil war(montgomery Gentry).Yep my public page is gone,..mmmmm Exile in rosdale is a book by alan plotkin whose dad was manager of the record plant when we grew up now his name is; seven is my name , he speakes about me in the book,or ,search for scott o,connells gulf oil spill solution video that comes up if u search even though my scottsgreen1 page dose not ,hiding over 500 I suscribed to and many playlists of info and music over 1,000 videos all hidden….Well ,..if not one,. no stater, liked not on, band, or song, I suggested then perhaps THAT will make me wonder why I call cause there are way more than seven conversations going on in my head,I would like to see any one out there try to wear my boots .

  19. eye2i Says:

    J T asked about the term “bar”; from Wikipedia, quote:
    “Bar in a legal context has three possible meanings: the physical division of a courtroom between its working and public areas; the process of qualifying to practice law; and the legal profession.
    The origin of the term bar is from the barring furniture dividing a medieval European courtroom, similarly as the origin of the term bank for the location of financial transactions in medieval Europe. In USA and in Europe and many other countries referring to the law traditions of Europe, the area in front of the barrage is restricted to participants in the trial: the judge or judges, other court officials, the jury (if any), the lawyers for each party, the parties to the case, and witnesses giving testimony. The area behind the bar is open to the public.[1] This restriction is enforced in nearly all courts. In most courts, the bar is represented by a physical partition: a railing or barrier that serves as a bar.[2]

    [1] Garner, Bryan, ed. (2004). Black’s Law Dictionary, Eighth Ed.
    [2] Walker, David (1980). Oxford Companion to Law”
    The Online Etymology Dictionary, quote: “BAR. (n3) “whole body of lawyers, the legal profession,” 1550s, a sense which derives ultimately from the railing that separated benchers from the hall in the Inns of Court. Students who had attained a certain standing were “called” to it to take part in the important exercises of the house. After c.1600, however, this was popularly assumed to mean the bar in a courtroom, which was the wooden railing marking off the area around the judge’s seat, where prisoners stood for arraignment and where a barrister (q.v.) stood to plead. As the place where the business of court was done, bar in this sense had become synonymous with “court” by early 14c.
    BARRISTER. 1540s, “a student of law who has been called to the bar,” from bar (n.3) in the legal sense + -ster. Also see attorney.”

  20. eye2i Says:

    It’s being reasoned, that if one is receiving ‘Benefits’ from ‘The State’ that one really can’t say ‘The Code’ doesn’t apply (because there’s no ‘Evidence’). Why isn’t this like saying to a home invader rapist who’s using your money and kitchen to buy the groceries and prepare the meals, that because you’re eating the meals and staying in the house, his Code thus applies to you? [add in as needed, that he’s not spending all your money, only say, 55%, leaving the rest in your account; and he’s not raping you 24/7 and you can do as you please (within the rest of his Code in any rooms in the house all that rest of the time… see all the ‘Benefits’?]

  21. Chris Says:

    I think someone forgot to post last weeks show on here, the last one we have is from 6/8/13.. will it be posted ??

  22. Loc Says:

    I have just been sued by Michael J Scott for credit card debt. Can someone please give me advice?

    thanks in advance

  23. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ loc listen to the NSP archives with Armando. Always challenge jurisdiction.

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    […] Armando had already gotten capitol one to withdraw their first complaint, then they had the Scott law firm refile. I helped Armando with the motions to dismiss and discovery, and made a call to the law firm. Michael Scott was not available, so we spoke with two other lawyers. Neither were able to provide any evidence proving jurisdiction and refused to withdraw their complaint. We put together another motion to dismiss for lack of evidence proving jurisdiction, no cause of action and misconduct. The assigned judge granted the motion and dismissed with prejudice so they cannot refile. Congrats to Armando and thanks for sending this evidence. It shows you don’t need to get a lawyer to defeat these credit card companies and their dishonest lawyers. Get more info at my website http://marcstevens.net where you can also hear the call with Armando http://marcstevens.net/radioarchive/nsp20130608.html […]

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