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NSP – Dec 21, 2013 – Co-hosts: JT and Calvin – [ Broadcast Version]

Posted on December 21st, 2013 by Calvin

Co-hosts: JT and Calvin.

NSP radio show for Dec 21, 2013.

It keeps coming up, no matter how many times it’s debunked, there are those insisting the criminals called “government” are offering us a “contract” when they attack us.  When people use coercion it’s not commerce, when people approach you with guns they are not offering to contract with you.


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  1. Jack Worthington Says:

    Thank you Marc and Kurt for your efforts and sacrifices in defense of liberty. “The Great Satan” collective of politicians and their minions is the most evil creation of mankind. The IRS is the henchmen/strong arm thugs and I know first hand of what I say, both as victim and as observer of their use of force.

    Were I a dictator, these criminals would be terminated and placed on a Pacific island, way off the shipping lanes, given MREs and warned to never ever return to civilization.

    I was a victim of Judge John Mercer in Beaverton, Oregon on the Red Light Photo Radar. I repeatedly asked for the factual evidence that the vehicle code applied to me. Mercer got irritated and it was obvious that he was about to render a contempt of court. Mercer finally blurted out that the code was the evidence. Of course that is the circular logic fallacy and I fialed to point that out to him. Mercer is a criminal, IMHO.

    BTW Marc, Kurt and I are friends from near 13 years ago or so and he is and honorable fella with lots of smarts.

  2. Jack Worthington Says:

    I do believe in Jehovah God as my ruler. I am a slave to the political rulers as I have not the power, the force, to punish them for their criminal behaviors. I have not the money to beat them at their criminal game. I applaud everyone who is so gifted that he can battle “The Great Satan” politicians, judges and their cadre of fawning, sycophantic bootlickers.

  3. NonE Says:

    Calvin Sed: … check back later for the full podcast.” ——- Obviously Calvin’s never heard the story of the little kid who cried “WOLF!” 😉 – NonBornYesterday

  4. Ben Says:

    Great to hear to yah back on the air Marc!

    About those important “roads” that have to be maintained and built only about 15 to 20 percent of our stolen money actually goes back into our community, aka the “roads”, “schools”, etcetera. 50 to 55 percent of the rest goes to the psychopaths, aka CIA, NSA, DOD, the courts, the military, etcetera. The other 20 to 25 percent goes to things like social security and Obama care.

    Don’t think that 15 to 20 percent is a lot. It still has to be divided amongst the community. Only about 3 to 4 percent of that will actually go towards those ever important “roads”.

  5. bruce sloane Says:

    could you share the specific facts as to how the gas tax is distributed ..??

  6. Ben Says:

    @bruce Sloane

    When you buy a gallon of gas part of that gallon is taxed. Half of it is federal and the other half is state. The federal tax is at a fixed rate of 18.4 cents per gallon. A state tax varies from state to state and how it is redistributed but on average the tax taken is about 28.5 cents per gallon. For the average traveling person that adds up to about 275 dollars a year, 167 a year for state and 108 for federal. So were and how does all this money get redistributed?

    The federal portion goes to the Highway Trust Fund. It consists of two primary accounts a Highway Account and a Transit Account. 15.45 cents of every gallon is put into the Highway Account while 2.85 cents of every gallon goes into the Transit Account. These accounts help fund transportation projects through out the country. “Guidelines” exist to ensure that each state receives a reasonable portion of the funds relative to its contribution.

    At the state level, again, the way in which state gas tax is regulated and then redistributed varies from state to state. While some states use it for non transportation purposes the revenue is “generally” directed towards “roads” and “transit”. This makes the gas tax a “used tax” as, in theory, those who drive a lot or use heavier vehicles will use more gas and thus are taxed in line with how much wear they put on the system.

  7. damon Says:

    peace be with you.

    One cannot simultaneously confirm and then deny. The social security scheme is the VOLUNTARY gateway into the income tax scheme. If one uses the benefit that causes the coveting of thy neighbors goods you will be brought under their jurisdiction in their military tribunals that sit in summary court martial. One cannot “use” the “benefit” and then deny the payment required for “use” of the “benefit”. Same with the licenses they issue which again is VOLUNTARY. One AGREES to be bound by the tax code by continued use of U.S. citizenship/socialist insecurity. One AGREES to be bound by the rules and regulations (not law) of any license that one has, including any fees and fines that accompany such regulation. Most of which is NEVER even read BEFORE signing up for such privilege.

    One will remain in bondage to “Caesar/pharaoh as long as one looks to “Caesar/pharaoh” for their protection, security, and authority to do the things they do.

    It is true their is no STATE, which is become the idol and “god” of the people which it seeks to rule. If one however, claims there is no STATE yet looks to the STATE for security, protection, and authority through licensing schemes, permits, and benefits of ANY kind than one is a hypocrite and the truth is not in them and will be brought under the jurisdiction of the pretended STATE and its faithful followers.

  8. damon Says:

    So no matter if one “views” it as a contract/agreement/covenant/compact one will be “known by their fruits” as it is written. If it looks like a duck and quacks likes a duck it will get treated like a duck.

    If one looks, acts, talks, and uses the things that only “citizens/residents/taxpayers” use then those entities will get treated like “taxpayers” as they are all one and the same that being regulated entities/titles/soulless fictions created by same.

    If one uses things that are ONLY allowed for use by taxpayers/citizens/residents then they will know one “by their fruits” and will treat such accordingly. It is very simple,

    “Those who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” One will either accept God is their lawgiver and Jesus is their king and walk in that truth or they inevitably get put under a taskmaster.

  9. Colin Wilson Says:

    Hi, re the 3 day rule. I’m in the UK but commercial presentments concerning Bills of Exchange are international under the bills of exchange act in many countries or UCC in the US.

    Firstly there only are three ways to do anything.
    1. Consent
    2. Contract
    3. under duress

    Assuming your not under duress, i.e. at the point of a gun.

    Everything is then simply just an offer to which you can by concent or contract, accept, conditionally accept, renegotiate or decline.

    If the “offer” is in any way “commercial” it can be construed as the presentment of a Bill of Exchange and if it’s in any way incomplete as stated in the bills of exchange act, can be completed to fully comply with the bills of exchange Act and also in that Act you have 72 hours to reject any presentment of any such bill.

    Its my understanding that is where or how the 72 hour rule applies to just about any presentment

  10. Jack Worthington Says:

    So, Colin, do I understand that this “exchange” also applies to obamacare? That is, obamacare is either consentual, contractual or is imposed by force upon We The People, i.e. by placing us under duress while we live in the Land of the Free and home of the Brave. Oh and this “final solution” health care was approve and imposed on us by Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg and Breyer, the scoundrel rat pack from Hell “supremes.”

  11. Tweedro Says:

    @damon ““Those who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” One will either accept God is their lawgiver and Jesus is their king and walk in that truth or they inevitably get put under a taskmaster.”

    ok, so are you saying that if you believe in god, their jurisdiction oesn’t exist and they know it? Since I don’t believe in them or him, am i now in my own jurisdiction?
    your opinion is kinda magical isn’t it?

  12. NonE Says:

    Tweedro Sed:…your opinion is kinda magical isn’t it?
    Not any more than your’s that your post will have any effect! 😉

    – NonE

  13. Tweedro Says:

    @NonE,…. What evidence do you rely on that I had an opinion? I’m just asking questions concerning the facts. Its ok if his opinion is magical in nature, most people nowadays seem to suffer the same delusion. 😉

  14. Trivium Says:

    One can be pretty sure the Constitution does NOT apply with only a glance at a typical court room. 1st Amendment? Contempt of court and jail. 2nd? Try and bring a defensive weapon into court to counter the “gun in the room”. 4th? You are searched upon entering the building. 5th? Self incrimination. 7th trial by Jury? Hah! 8th Excessive bail, please.

    You are presumed guilty, incompetent and accepting of their faux jurisdiction. A case has been made that there are “secret” court rules going on which is known only to Bar members. These are the 12 secret presumptions that the Bar uses against you. Publicly Challenging jurisdiction by asking for evidence of application trumps their fake justice party pretty well. It confirms the obvious: The constitution does not apply. If they proceed with out jurisdiction, they lose immunity.

  15. Jack Worthington Says:

    @Damon, Yes, I agree with your well stated comment. The problem arises when one realizes his error and tries to opt out of the “Great Satan’s” control as he has already become slave via the SS#, licenses, Unfortunately, few people understand that they are in the master/slave relationship either voluntarily or involuntarily. When people do discover the error of their ways it is too late as to escape the enslavement would cause them and their families’ extreme discomfort or worse. Indeed escape from the “Great Satan” is near improbable. Sadly, even if one knows the truth, he is faced with the fact that sitting on jury where such “escape” is being tried, he must know that the “law” is bad and that he can render a not guilty verdict. But such people with such knowledge are dreadfully tiny.

    Parents brand their babies with the SS# at birth for the bribe of a tax deduction. By the time the child is old enough to comprehend that his parents have made him a slave, he is not intelligent enough or wealthy enough to extricated himself from his status as involuntary, stinkin’ naggar slave (no matter his race).

  16. Jack Worthington Says:

    @Damon, I agree, the “Great Satan” has dominion of the world. So, do you think we stand up to Belzabub or do we cower in fear? It seems the majority has chosen the latter. So, if the majority is aginst me and I don’t have the skill set and money and power to devfeat the majority, i.e. convince them that I am right and they are wrong, what is the use of contesting the issues or what possible good can come of it if I am destroyed? Yes, I know there are many who stood their grounds and were slaughtered and I don’t know that the world is a better place because it was deprived of their honesties and convictions and rationalities.

  17. Jack Worthington Says:

    @Trivium, nice well thought response and I agree with your position. However, if they, the commie/socialist criminal judges, lose immunity what does that gain one? After all it is their courts system, not ours. I have known of the Orygun court system where it took 4 or so judges to recuse themselves for conflict of interest but eventually the state found one judge who could pass the test and then the rendered a gulity verdict on some issue regarding licensing. As Damon and others have explained, if I don’t sever all realationships to the state, to the governments and their “benefits,” I am still chained to their system of stinkin’, involuntary or voluntary naggar slavery and thus they still take jurisdiction. Most people do not have the wherewithall to sever the jurisdiction of the loot A to satisfy B Commie/socialist, criminal politicial state.

  18. Trivium Says:

    @Worthington.. IMO, The only thing these “things” fear is a real attorney from a big city firm coming after all of their assets. Without their immunity, their own twisted rules make them (supposedly) liable for the bonding company to drop them, making them unemployable. It makes them criminally liable, and of course puts their hard earned stolen goodies at risk. Theoretically of course. Most attorneys won’t go after a judge, or another attorney. But citizens can. Juries can.

    What exact rules they operate under is still a big mystery but Marc has found a major chink in their logic armor. There are likely more, but I think the tide is turning. Exposing their crooked game via Internet and FM is setting them back on defense. Well Done Mr. Stevens!

  19. Jack Worthington Says:

    @Trivium, yes, and those “real” high power attorneys cost and that is the point. It might be a fun project to get a case where the judge was obviously in error and then appeal his ruling, bringing up all the issues, such as he railroaded by/refused to answer the question: “What factual evidence does the state have that their vehicle code applies to the defendent?” and then get lots of folks to contribute small sums to pay a real bulldog attorney to go after the criminal judge. The cost in time and money and stress for the judge might just be worth it as a message would be sent to all the other criminal judges, like John Mercer.

  20. Jackie Says:

    Hi Mark,
    The three days thing comes from commercial transactions

    If you make a purchase like a car or take any loan there is a 3 day Rescission period. The freemen types think every interaction is a commercial transaction on some kind of bond being held on the birth
    Paragraph 23(a)(3).

    1. Rescission period. The period within which the consumer may exercise the right to rescind runs for three business days from the last of three events:

    • Consummation of the transaction.

    • Delivery of all material disclosures.

    • Delivery to the consumer of the required rescission notice.

    For example, if a transaction is consummated on Friday, June 1, and the disclosures and notice of the right to rescind were given on Thursday, May 31, the rescission period will expire at midnight of the third business day after June 1–that is, Tuesday, June 5. In another example, if the disclosures are given and the transaction consummated on Friday, June 1, and the rescission notice is given on Monday, June 4, the rescission period expires at midnight of the third business day after June 4–that is, Thursday, June 7. The consumer must place the rescission notice in the mail, file it for telegraphic transmission, or deliver it to the creditor’s place of business within that period in order to exercise the right.

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