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Projection, Lies and Diversion From the IRS – American Terrorist Organization

Posted on February 19th, 2015 by Marc Stevens

When you interact with a politician/bureaucrat, you are well advised to assume everything they say is a lie.  This way if they do say something that resembles the truth, you can enjoy a pleasant surprise and probably use it against them.

This latest Call of Shame, though short, has some classic bureaucrat diversion tactics.  If you are being attacked and want to stand up to them to limit the damage the predator is seeking to do to you, then it’s worth the time to learn and recognize their dirty tactics.

Projection.  This is a classic lie used by bureaucrats to take the spotlight off their lack of evidence.  It’s easy; when you get hit with a question you can’t answer or say something embarrassing, you falsely accuse the other guy of getting upset.  Now the bureaucrat has an excuse for not dealing with you and his accomplices will accept it without question.

The IRS agent in this call wastes no time doing this.  He continues to refer to Mark as a “taxpayer” after we already discussed not doing that because there was no evidence to support the accusation.  What’s nice is this agent admits calling people “taxpayer” is a reflexive action.  So I commend him on this little bit of honesty.

Falsely claiming asking questions is debating.  This is a typical lie from bureaucrats.  You ask a question and because they have no facts to support their arguments, they lie saying, “I’m not going to debate you!”  In this call, I did not get to quote from the Princess Bride as I usually do because the agent hung up so fast.

When you are questioning a bureaucrat and here the “I’m not going to debate you” crap, call them on it, say, “Who are you talking to?”  Point out that you only asked a question, you’re only asking a question regarding the facts their argument is based.  The agent is lying and acting in bad faith.

I’ve gotten this inane retort so many times, from so many different types of bureaucrats, from so many different “states” and “countries” that you’d think a memo was sent out instructing these parasites on how to avoid tough questions.

And for those who think I’m being hypercritical, let’s change the context and see if such lies are tolerated across the board.

Imagine you’re a witness being questioned in court and the prosecutor asks, “Where were you on the night of Aug 13, 2014?”  I answer with, “I’m not going to debate with you!”  Do I really need to explain that is not a good faith answer?

The reason the agent has to lie is because he’s insisting Mark is a “taxpayer” with “taxable income” while admitting that being able to determine jurisdiction is “not within [his] purview.”  If you cannot determine jurisdiction, then you cannot determine one is a “taxpayer” and has “taxable income.”  The agent recognized the corner he backed into, so instead of being honest and putting a hold on the account or abating the matter for a lack of jurisdiction, he takes the crook’s way out.  Like the cowards bureaucrats are, the agent hangs up.  Because forcing people to pay you means never having to be honest and responsible.

What the agent wanted to get away with is putting the cart before the horse and then ignore the horse completely.  I can only speculate that they say it because they assume we are so stupid we don’t know the difference between asking a question and debating.  The fact they are immune from any responsibility certainly explains why they so brazenly lie to us.

So if you ask a bureaucrat a question and they refuse to answer and lie claiming they are not going to “debate” or argue with you, then quote Inigo Montoya.


Then ask them the question again.  Stay focused, because at the least, you’ll expose the agent as the lying criminal he/she is.


10 Comments For This Post

  1. Tom Says:

    Audio link is not working, downlaodable or otherwise.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, thanks for pointing that out, it’s fixed now.

  3. Thad Says:

    Sir, I am not going to debate you……side step and quick exit. It got uncomfortable for him to realize the gig was up. LOL. Good job Marc.

  4. Michael Scharen Says:

    So do these bureaucrats keep hanging up or avoiding your questions forever, or will eventually find someone who will deal with you as an adult?

  5. Incubus Says:

    Since I’ve been generously diagnosed by Curt as a self-righteous narcissist, I feel confident in speaking up and just saying; sixth paragraph, first sentence, should he “hear” not “here”. There, I said it. But you’ll have to ask eye2 what my words mean. He, and only he, can decipher what I say.

    And while I’m at it, can I just opt for NonEntity’s position? The guy barely shows up for work anymore and when he does he hardly ever does his job. It’s time to retire that dinosaur, and I need to feed my ego, damnit!

  6. NonEntity Says:

    Hey! Thatz not fare! I doo what I can. If yude chip in a bit mire for beer money I woodent halve to dig in the weeds to collect as manu cans, just so you no!

  7. marc stevens Says:

    NonE, you really are not doin yur job, you didn’t catch incubus’s “damnit”. Dammit, do your job.

  8. Incubus Says:

    It’s about time! The guy has to show up drunk before he gets reprimanded?

  9. NonEntity Says:

    I’m not shur I ever got primanded in the first place! Damnit!

  10. Incubus Says:

    Hmmm, yeah. See, that could be a problem with it being tax season and all. It’s possible you may have gotten that position illegally. I think Marc needs to check this out further and report back. You might get deported.

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