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Tax Criminal Can’t Support Her Argument Laws Apply – Minnesota Edition

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 by Marc Stevens

This is a very short, though instructive, Call of Shame.  The criminal in question works for the terrorist organization called the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  I wrote she is a criminal because she and her associates force people to give them money.  They are terrorists because they use threats of violence and violence to accomplish economic and political goals.  (The woman on the phone is a low level agent, not the commissioner in the photo below.)

  Some would criticize claiming this woman is no terrorist; yes, taxation is the forcibly taking of property under threat of jail, but what she is doing is “legal,” it is permitted by law, so the same rules that apply to me don’t apply to her.  Even if we excuse this disgraceful double-standard, as you’ll hear in the call below, this criminal, like her associates, has no evidence proving her laws apply to her intended victim.

It’s not a matter of education either, because we’ve already seen where a Harvard law grad and chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court can’t prove their laws apply to us.  Pay-or-get-shot, comply or die are the facts proving their laws don’t apply.  Forcing people to pay you doesn’t make you a government, it makes you a criminal.

As with so many other criminals I’ve spoken to, this woman initially tries to deflect attention in a vain attempt to look like she’s acting in good faith. I ask a simple question about her supporting evidence and she snaps back,

“Minnesota statutes, laws do apply to him and I will not debate that fact with you.”

I point out that no one is debating, all I did was ask a question.  Using “debate” or “argue” is a dodge used by these crooks to avoid the question.  When you hear this, you know you have them against the ropes, keep hitting them by staying on point and asking for the evidence again.  They are criminals, take no sacred cows and don’t feel sorry for them, you need to stick to the evidence to discredit them.

The crook doesn’t like being called out on her silly diversion tactic and drops any pretense of good faith  saying she is not going to answer the question.  Without a hint of shame she confirms she is refusing to disclose what facts her argument is based.  Criminals, those who are dishonest and have something to hide, are those who make bold claims and refuse to disclose their evidence.  They know they have none.

To further show she is being dishonest, not acting in good faith, I ask her if she has a good faith reason to refuse to disclose and she just restates her argument.  She says her argument is not arbitrary, but when I ask her for the specific facts she relies on proving her laws apply to my client just because he is physically in Minnesota, she has a brief moment of honesty:

“Sir I don’t have an answer to that and I’m not going to continue this conversation.”

cynthia_bauerlyShe again states she has no evidence and is going to hang up.  She insists her argument is true, admits she cannot support her argument, then wants to hang up.  I think those are sufficient facts proving she’s a criminal.  There is no good faith as good faith, even due process, dictates that if your argument is not supported, then you back off.

This woman, like all bureaucrats and politicians, is a criminal.  This woman is not the exception, they’re all criminals.  The only reason most people don’t believe that yet is because they still maintain the double-standard or special pleading fallacy that basic principals of right and wrong don’t apply to those called government.

I have not had any contact with her boss, Cynthia Bauerly, in the picture, but I’m certain she’ll have as much evidence as her henchmen.  I’ll report her answers here.


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  1. k.mcn Says:

    how long till her job is voice activated…

  2. RAD Says:

    Her claim is based on her scriptural articles of faith. She literally believes in this as her religion. If you break it down her entire claim is based on pure imagination: She claims to represent another “entity” called the State of Minnesota which is the actual “claimant” if you really break it down. This “entity” is a supernatural deity belief in which is also part of the religion along with her scriptural articles of faith.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    What the fuck are you people smoking? This call was a blatant attack on someone doing their job. Their religion? Their faith? Seriously, you’re ridiculous. The State of MN, (all states) have statutes, you know those silly law thingys that congress passes. From what I can tell your “client” is already well aware of what statues he’s violating. Harassing a state employee for your asinine website just shows how badly you crave attention. I’m feel sorry for you – you should seek help.

    P.S. Isn’t it illegal to record a conversation without the persons consent?

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jeremy, A phone call is an attack but threatening to take someone’s property by force is not? Wow. Congress does not create the laws the government of Minnesota (just people) forces people to comply with, the Minnesota legislature (just people) does that. We are aware of the “laws” and “statutes”, we just don’t see any evidence they apply, do you? No, it is not illegal to record a call that is already being recorded, and Minnesota is a one party “state”, do your research. Since you think these laws apply, maybe you can call the show this week and present live on the air. I will email you about it, I look forward to seeing your evidence, evidence this tax agent could not provide.

  5. Andy Says:

    Marc said to Jeremy on the forum: “So after not coming on the show you come back to post another personal attack?… If you post another personal attack I’m gonna ban the account.”

  6. RAD Says:

    “Jeremy Says:
    July 1st, 2015 at 8:06 pm
    Their faith?”

    If they have no evidence, yet believe and insist it is true, that is the definition of an article of faith. What do you think faith means?

  7. RAD Says:

    “The State of MN, (all states) have statutes, you know those silly law thingys…”

    The scriptures of the government religion. Articles of faith. If you have no evidence they apply, but believe in sacred authoritative writings on faith, what’s that called?

  8. yan Says:

    Jeremy Says:
    July 1st, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    re;What the fuck are you people smoking? <<i'd like to know what CRACK your smoking?..obviously your delusional, and beleive in theft by some "lawh" made by other people, forcing their "lawhs" upon others..does SantaClause lawh apply to me ..cause im SURE it APPLIES TO YOU. (laughing)

    re; This call was a blatant attack on someone doing their job. << doing her?job?..what exactly is that?please explain, is it STEALING peoples wealth? by making paper terrorist accusations?, pretending to re-present santaclause dept of re-venue?

    re;The State of MN, (all states) have statutes<< your right about that, but are they made of bronze?, or cement ? or marble? or are they just falics symbols? o make you beLIEve theyre real? (im laughing at you even more)

    re;aware of what statues he’s violating<<< and what are they?, how many elements are in them so called statutes/codes? (bet you dont even know), and got any proof they apply to anyone besides slaves (on slave) like you?

    re; I’m feel sorry for you – you should seek help.<<<YES i agree YOU need HELP, and i DONT feel sorry for your blatant ignorAnts, slaves like you perpatrate more of this fantasy, i bet you get paid by all this theft?, and cannot see it's YOU that are the thief helping other thieves.

    re;P.S. Isn’t it illegal to record a conversation without the persons consent?<<NO it isnt..cameras, mics and recording devices ALL over this world, and when you call, or text, or email..its ALL being recorded , you ignorANT shill, you should know this by now, or are you living in bin ladens cave?

  9. Brandon Says:

    This female is a psychopath. These creatures will kill us all and themselves out of stubbornness and stupidity. A criminal is predictable but a moral person is unstoppable.

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