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NSP - Mar 18, 2017 - Guest: Alistair Kinnear

NSP – Mar 18, 2017 – Guest: Alistair Kinnear

Posted on March 18th, 2017 by Calvin

We welcome back Alistair Kinnear to the show to discuss a barrage of lividly exciting topics relating to NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques and use-cases.

Show Notes:

  • Replicating the success stories by use of refining Socratic questioning to exercise effective damage-control on 3 continents [Ireland, England [+1], Canada [+1], Israel, Poland, Deutschland, and Australia] is a testament to its universally high-potency towards exposing criminals who believe it is legitimate to force other people to pay them.
  • We are still standing-by for an update on Jermaine from Calgary.
  • A brief explanation of NLP.
  • Speculation on tenuous links to the CIA with the development, and possibly weaponization, of NLP.
  • Defensively incorporating a hint of NLP in your effective Socratic questioning when actively engaged in litigation.
  • Targeting those whom have above-average obedience levels and high suggestibility for metal programming.
  • How do authoritarians not worry about the consequences of their oppression and ethical incongruity?
  • What is meant when we say the “true believers” are “like religious zealots.”
  • Slayer‘s “Christ Illuition” album.
  • Stanley Milgram’s famous “Obedience to Authority” experiments.
  • Working out inconsistencies between our guiding principals and our incongruent actions.
  • The challenge and art-form of synchronizing and mastering your principals to your actions.
  • Syncing your patterns of communications with the language patterns with who you are talking to.
  • Reprogramming or inducing behaviors via pattern interruptions and by offering choice instead of simply robotic responses.
  • Modeling positive behavior patterns and stimulus.
  • Deescalating stressful situations and building report.
  • Marc’s early days of discovering anarchy through the NLP teachings of Bandler and Grinder.
  • Understanding who you are achieving ‘justice’ for when you are the one being aggressed against and oppressed.
  • If you don’t develop your own narrative, then you will tend adopt somebody else’s, even if it conflicts your own nature and interests.
  • Do you have any core principals worth standing-up for and really defending?
  • The social consequences of losing trust and integrity of news sources, reporting services, and so-called objective journalism.

  • You cannot spin the fact that government are just men and women forcing us to pay them.
  • Government schools are designed to quell dissenting, critical thought and analysis.
  • Escaping the stagnantly perpetual wage-slave cycle.
  • Using ad-blocking tools like uBlock Origin to consume your media without corporations penetrating your psychology and behavior.
  • The double-standard of scientists advising people to be more objective and data-dependent, but then turn around and go advocating for a violently religious institution such as government.
  • The general-public’s conditioned affection for their institutional abusers and authoritarians.

  • Politicians breaking their promises that favor the general-public after they obtain office, then making moves to victimize those who got them there in the first place.
  • Circumventing systems of behavior control and oppression.
  • “Those who challenge the rationale of the game are its most dangerous opponents.”
  • The importance of trying to understand WHY people believe what they believe.
  • Learning to fully embrace yourself to let go of resistance from your weaknesses and blind-spots.
  • The popular appeal nationalism lends to the masses and ruling classes.
  • Derren Brown demonstrates how to hypnotize Simon Pegg.
  • Nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong.
  • Politics radicalizes people into a mutually-destructive belief system.
  • Statists will play off of vulnerable people’s contentions to dominate via divide and conquer.
  • Metallica‘s, Iron Maiden’s, Pink Floyd’s, and Megadeth‘s anti-war overtones and inspirational music.
  • War is a racquet.

Alistair Kinnear’s points-of-contact are as follows:

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NSP - Aug 20, 2011 - Guest: Alistair Kinnear

NSP – Aug 20, 2011 – Guest: Alistair Kinnear

Posted on August 20th, 2011 by Calvin

Guest: Alistair Kinnear [].

Show Topics: Alistair has been on several times and is a Master Practitioner of NLP and a hypnotherapist.  We spoke in detail about improving our communication skills to better our objectives in dealing with politicians and bureaucrats.  Included was how we process information and relate experiences to others, the difference between surface structure and deep structure and how they are expressed.  We also spoke about Gregory Bateson, double-binds and how the map is not the territory, representational systems and anchors.

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NSP – Aug 7, 2010 – Co-host: JT & Guest: Alistair Kinnear

Posted on August 7th, 2010 by Calvin

Co-host: JT & Guest: Alistair Kinnear [,,]. Dr. Alistair Kinnear is a doctor of Divinity, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

Show Topics: NLP, social psychology, and dealing with tyrants -|- new affiliates and new potential micro-broadcasters -|- Ryan’s adventure in legal land and case dismissal -|- tentative Greg Diaz blues jam at Libertopia and upcoming workshops -|- Minnesota challenge” from NSP critic -|- NLP as a school of thought of cognitive awareness and hypnosis -|- how words affect an individual’s perception of reality -|- see-feel circuit responses -|- getting stuck in illogical loops -|- the mind-body connection -|- use of anchoring in advertising by corporations and with patriotism -|- the functions of the conscious and unconscious mind -|- statist parens patriae and emotional exploitation -|- childlike submitizen behavior -|- the morality of not complying with tyrants -|- propulsion systems of our beliefs and values -|- the hurdle of selling freedom to the enslaved -|- “a paradigm shift cannot take place until people understand a viable alternative” -|- techniques to effectively communicate with raging, antisocial bureaucrats -|- using the meta model to better read communication -|- inducing trance states with embedded commands and pattern interrupts -|- and using the auditory senses of the brain.

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NSP – Aug 29, 2009 – Co-host: JT & Guest: Alistair Kinnear

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Calvin

Co-host: JT & Guest: Alistair Kinnear [,].

Show Topics: What Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is -|- people caught in psychological loops by anchoring themselves in a child-like state -|- police mentality -|- reactions to hypnotic events -|- the ego state -|- Stockholm Syndrome -|- criteria to become a state sanctioned enforcer -|- assumptions and expectations -|- why do people knuckle under to someone doing a hard sell -|- institutions’ fear of an individual refraining from the prison of environmental and cultural influences -|- using fear to keep someone in a desired state -|- how to tame the fight or flight response -|- interrupting phobia loops -|- switching states of mind -|- “one of the best ways to have lots of disappointment in your life is to construct an image of how you would like things to be and then try to make everything that way; you will feel disappointment as long as the world doesn’t match your picture” – Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinder -|- “ride the horse in the direction that it’s going” – Werner Erhard -|- the lack of reasoning behind voting choices -|- “when you throw off a burden; you have more energy” – Freedom of the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti -|- and the organic nature of society.

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NSP – Aug 26, 2006 – Guests: Joe Thomas and Alistair Kinnear

Posted on August 26th, 2006 by Calvin

Guests: Joe Thomas [] and Alistair Kinnear [,].

Show Topics: NLP Roundtable -|- presuppositions -|- media induced trance and hypnosis -|- perceived authority figures -|- anchoring -|- Ericksonian hypnosis -|- confusion anchoring -|- pattern interrupt -|- and cultural anchors.

{enclose NSP_2006-08-26_Alistair_Kinnear_and_Joe_Thomas.mp3}
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Size: 10.8MB
Length: 1 hour 33 minutes
Bitrate: 16kbps
Sample Rate: 16kHz
Channels: mono

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NSP – Jan 21, 2006 – Guest: Alistair Kinnear

Posted on January 21st, 2006 by Calvin

Guest: Alistair Kinnear [,].

Show Topics: The nature of reality -|- fear -|- property rights -|- Justice David Souter case in NH and seizure of his house -|- NLP -|- the book of Isaiah and “waking up” -|- presuppositions -|- agape -|- and tree of life and tree of knowledge.

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NSP – Feb 4, 2006

Posted on February 4th, 2006 by Calvin

Show TopicsNonviolent economic means to bring about a voluntary society and putting government out of business while building wealth in the process -|- Technical difficulties at the five minute mark prompt rebroadcast of 2009.01.21 with Alistair Kinnear.

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